Art of Mixology

  • How Freelance Bartenders Can Enhance Their Presentation

    How Freelance Bartenders Can Enhance Their Presentation

    Want to elevate your bartending skills and impress your customers with a stunning presentation? Check out our guide on how to enhance bartender presentation. From...

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  • Bottle of Everclear and Jar of Moonshine

    Everclear Vs. Moonshine: A Showdown Between Two Strong Alcohols

    Everclear and Moonshine have the reputation of being dangerous types of alcohol. In what way are they the same and different from each other? Read...

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  • A bottle of grain alcohol in a background of assorted grains

    Grain Alcohol: The Drink With A Dangerously High ABV

    Grain alcohol, often known as neutral grain spirits, is a valuable tool for homebrewers. These high-octane drinks aren't simply for making alcoholic beverages; they can...

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  • Alcoholic Festive Moscow Mules in Copper Mugs

    Why Are Moscow Mules Served In Copper Mugs?

    Ever wonder why Moscow Mules taste so much better when served in a copper mug? Learn about the tradition behind this delicious and refreshing cocktail,...

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  • What Makes Wine Sweet Or Dry?

    What Makes Wine Sweet Or Dry?

    Wine drinkers often wonder what makes a wine sweet or dry. This article will explore the different factors influencing a wine's sweetness or dryness.

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  • An In-Depth Look At Bartending Vs. Mixology

    An In-Depth Look At Bartending Vs. Mixology

    Ever wonder what the difference is between bartending and mixology? Wonder no more! This post takes a closer look at each profession to help you...

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  • Different types of wines in glasses in a bar

    21 Innovative Applications For Leftover Wine

    We’ve all experienced having leftover wines, and it’s a shame just to throw them out. But because wine has complex flavors and unique properties, you...

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  • bar cart vs. bar cabinet

    Bar Cart Vs. Bar Cabinet: Which Storage Solution Is Right For You?

    Wondering if you should buy a bar cart or a bar cabinet? We break it down to help you decide the best fit for your...

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  • Animated wine bottle and glass with facts and myths blocks

    20 Wine Myths: Setting The Records Straight

    From production to drinking etiquette, wine involves many technicalities that can be a source of myths. Some of these notions are quite plausible and believed...

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  • Different tequilas in shot glasses

    Tequila 101: The Various Types Of Tequila

    Different types of tequila show a progression in age from the same base spirit. The main types are Blanco, Reposado, Añejo, Extra Añejo, and Joven....

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  • Tequila bottle and shot glasses in a landscape of agave plantation

    How Long Does Tequila Last? | Making The Most Out Of Your Liquor

    Tequila can last indefinitely when it is still contained and sealed in the bottle. Once the bottle is opened, and the tequila comes into contact...

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  • Bottle of Rhum and Glasses with Handcuffs on Dark Background

    What Is Rhum Agricole? A Quick Overview Of The Earthy Spirit

    Rhum Agricole is a rum style originating in the French Caribbean. It is produced very differently than molasses-based rums and is known for its grassy...

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  • Shots of tequila, lime slices, and salt on a cutting board

    How Many Tequila Shots Do You Need To Get Drunk?

    Taking tequila shots is a sure way to get drunk. In fact, it only takes two to three shots for a person to be intoxicated....

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  • VW Mobile Bar - Image by Travel Away

    6 Things You Should Check Before Buying A Used Bar Car

    Are you in the market for a used bar car? If so, it's important to do your research and check for any potential problems before...

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  • St. Regis dealcoholized VS Stella Rosa non-alcoholic

    Dealcoholized Vs. Non-Alcoholic Wine: Which Is Better?

    As more people adopt a healthier lifestyle, the non-alcoholic industry rises. If you’re a wine lover and want to try non-alcoholic vinos, it’s important to...

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