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  • Sale -9% Single Arm Waitress Stall

    Single Arm Waitress Stall

    Details: #125 ServiStall Chrome The #125 ServiStall series are single arm bar service rails. They may be used alone or in pairs for flexible spacing. Fastens with vacuum cup on bar surface and thumb screws under the ledge. 7lbs eachEAN: 0769194477851

    $ 612.99$ 556.49

  • Sale -9% Double Arm Waitress Stall - Chrome

    $ 876.99$ 796.49

Waitress stalls help distinguish the service and the serving area. This simple bar design separates the busy bar section, where the customers are in the active service area for delivering orders to tables.

Things You Need to Know as a Waiter

The Customer is Always Right

For servers, a way to make a liveable wage is through tips. Being polite and decent to customers usually results in excellent tips. There will be circumstances where you deal with disgruntled or annoyed customers, just do your best to accommodate them and always be kind.

Be Friendly

A welcoming face can change any customer's mood from okay to great. Be friendly to everyone on the table, even to the ones who aren't paying. Their influence on the group can significantly affect how they order and how they tip. It also leaves a good impression which will ultimately lead them back to your establishment for future events.

Know The Menu

This knowledge helps customers decide on what to get for their order. It's also important to remember the allergens that may come with it, as some customers have severe allergies that they deal with daily. Some of these allergens are milk, eggs, peanuts, soy, wheat, and shellfish.

Look Presentable

As a waiter, you'll be on the frontlines dealing with customers. You'll need to look presentable at all times, or the customers will think this is not a proper establishment. 

Things like open-toed shoes, casual clothing, and dirty fingernails are unappealing to customers. Remember that you are serving and handling their food, and if you're messy to look at, they might lose their appetite. 

Sell Your Products

The best sellers and special dishes should be your top recommendations for your customers. Not only will it build a reputation for the bar, but it can also increase sales. A piece of good advice can also result in a large tip as a thank you for the suggestion.


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