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Hammerhead bottle opener is a handy bar tool for all bartenders and mixologists out there. With its one-of-a-kind design, it offers optimum functionality and efficiency to meet all your bottle opening needs.


Perfect for commercial use in busy bars and other drinking establishments, the Hammerhead bottle opener features a 3.5-inch wide head that enables its users to crack open not one but two bottles at a time. Save time and energy in opening those bottles of beer with this double bottle cap opener.


It is made of high-quality stainless steel, and these unique bottle openers offer long-lasting durability and corrosion resistance. Each opener comes with vibrant, full-color images on both of its sides. Utilizing the Kolorcoat printing process, these imprints won’t quickly fade or wash off. 

A wide range of print designs is available to suit different tastes and preferences. Complete your bar collection with one of these bottle openers, and stop worrying about opening a bottle of beer or two.

Advanced Mixology offers a great selection of Hammerhead bottle openers to meet all your bar needs. Choose from different colors and designs to suit your bar’s theme or personal preferences. Shop now!

Tricks to Open a Bottle Without a Bottle Opener

  • Countertop

Remember that this could damage your counter, so only use this trick if you’re okay with that. Place the bottle cap on the edge of the countertop. Using your palm, swiftly smack the bottle while your other hand holding the bottle pulls it downwards. Take note that the smack may cause foaming.

  • Dollar bill

Yes! It is possible to open a bottle with a dollar bill. Fold the bill in half and give it some tight rolls. After rolling your bill, fold it in half, and it should create something sturdy to push the bottle cap open.

Use your finger as a fulcrum and open the bottle as you would with a bottle opener. You can do this with any bill. To be safe, use a dollar, but if you want more to be a daredevil, use a $100 bill.

  • Key

Some bottle openers resemble the shape of a key which is why this makes sense. Start by squeezing the neck of the bottle near the cap. Using the non-serrated edge of a key, place it between the bottle cap and your fingers. Push up, and it should come out very easily.


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