• Sale -9% Showmanship Flair Kit (with Dean Serneels DVD)

    Flairco Showmanship Flair Kit (with Dean Serneels DVD)

    Brand: Flairco Color: Red, White, Blue Features: Flair Bartending Kit Dean Serneels Flair Bottles Learn Flair Bartending DVD Details: Want to improve, or add a little performance to your everyday bar skills? The Showmanship Flair Kit can help you accomplish this. Included in this kit is Volume 2, Showmanship and Flair, from the one and only Deal Serneels. Dean is a long time master, and is the inventor of the Flairco Flair bottle! If you want to be the best, you have to learn from the best and he is certainly that. We are also including 12 plastic liquor pourers and an entire set of our illustrated 750mL flair bottles that include 4 tricks mapped out on each bottle. You will be flipping like the pros in no time! EAN: 0767223446359

    $ 273.99$ 248.49

  • Sale -9% Advanced Flair Training Kit DVD (with Dean Serneels)

    Flairco Advanced Flair Training Kit DVD (with Dean Serneels)

    Brand: Flairco Color: Red, White, Blue Features: Training Kit Flairco DVD Dean Serneels Liquor Pourers Details: Advanced Flair Training Kit perfect for the competitive or performance bartender. Advanced level training DVD focuses on complex flair skills and will help you prepare for flair bartending competitions. If you are ready to take your skills to the next level, this kit is for you! It includes not 1, but 3 original Flairco Practice Flair Bottles. The Flairco bottle was originally created by the master Dean Serneels and is the only bottle endorsed by the FBA (Flair Bartenders' Association). You also get 12 black plastic liquor pourers EAN: 0767223446304

    $ 273.99$ 248.49

  • Sale -9% Mixology and Flair Kit DVD (with Dean Serneels)

    Flairco Mixology and Flair Kit DVD (with Dean Serneels)

    Brand: Flairco Color: Red, White, Blue Features: DVD Flair Kit Mixology Dean Serneels Bartender Tools Details: Mixology and Flair Kit is perfect for a beginner bartender wanting to learn it all! This DVD focuses on classic techniques and flair skills that are ideal for working bartenders. Cocktails will come to life when you learn these everyday skills and tricks from master Dean Serneels. Included is everything you need to get started with flair bottle plus tools you can use to create beautiful hand crafted cocktails! You will be bartending like a pro in no time, and raking in the money with these new skills. EAN: 0767223446328

    $ 323.99$ 293.49

  • Flairco Flair Bartending DVD Video Volume 1 - Mixology

    $ 59.80

  • Sale -9% Flairco Presents: Mixology and Flair for the Working Bartender

    Flairco Flairco Presents: Mixology and Flair for the Working Bartender

    Author: Dean Serneels Brand: Flairco Binding: DVD Format: DVD Details: The new Flairco Mixology & Flair for the Working Bartender is an introductory level training DVD that focuses on classic bartending techniques and low risk, high impact working flair skills. This DVD is not region formatted and can be viewed in all newer DVD players. Also included are many different special features including hilarious bloopers and out takes. EAN: 0978193538238 Package Dimensions: 7.1 x 5.4 x 0.6 inches

    $ 184.99$ 168.49

  • Sale -9% Flair Bartending: Working Flair Series

    Shelter Island Flair Bartending: Working Flair Series

    Author: Flair Bartending: Working Flair Series Brand: Shelter Island Features: Factory sealed DVD Binding: DVD Format: Multiple Formats Release Date: 10-09-2013 Details: Designed for bartenders with 0-2 years of Flair experience, `Flair Bartending: The Working Flair Series` contains over 7.5 hours of step by step and slow motion instruction. Learn 240 Flair Bartending moves as the Extreme Team discusses each and talks you through every technique. Visual demonstrations are repeated multiple times, making this extensive series a must have if you want to bartend with Flair. EAN: 0826262009397 Package Dimensions: 7.1 x 5.4 x 0.6 inches Languages: English

    $ 125.99$ 114.49

Flair bartending is a serious art form. You can dazzle your customers with the bar acting as your stage. One wrong move or placement can lead to an accident, so it’s essential to be safe.

Essential Things to Remember About Flair Bartending

1. Be decisive

If you’re hesitant, the chances of accidents increase. You can’t let your indecisiveness affect your performance. That’s why performers have a routine that they practice weeks before; you can’t just change your mind in an instance, especially when expensive liquor bottles are involved.

2. Practice often

Practice makes perfect performances. Remember to keep note of your mistakes so you can avoid them in the future. Practicing can help you do better in the bar and make you an effective flair bartender.

3. Don’t spill

As a bartender, you’ll be working with plenty of liquor. Each spill you make can accumulate over time and sum up to at least one bottle of alcohol, plus spilling liquor on your bar or your guests can be unsightly.

4. Keep your distance

When doing a performance or preparing a cocktail, it’s important to keep your distance from the customers. One wrong move, and you could accidentally spill a bottle of alcohol on your guests and could ruin your tips.

5. Take extra caution

This is important for fire cocktails such as Backdraft, Flaming gorilla, or Bailey’s Comet. Anything that involves fire and alcohol needs to be handled with care. You need water, a fire extinguisher, and a first aid kit near your bar if an accident occurs.

6. Be vocal towards customers

Remember to communicate to customers about what you’re planning to do with your trick. There are times when they tend to get a little too close to get a better picture for their social media, which usually leads to a big spill or glass breaking.


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