Bloody Mary Recipe: The Ultimate Bloody Mary You'll Ever Need

Need something to spice up your Halloween party without spoiling the fun? We got you covered! A bloody red cocktail with incredible taste-what drink can possibly more suited for Halloween than a Bloody Mary?

Bloody Mary Recipe

Sure, many have frowned upon this cocktail because of its unusual combination of ingredients. It's not everyday you get to see an alcoholic beverage that has more spice elements than alcohol. But we assure you, this brunch cocktail is seriously delicious and it won't disappoint!

Bloody Mary Recipe

Bloody Mary Ingredients:

Bloody Mary Preparation:

  1. Muddle lemon juice and red bell pepper together. 
  2. Add the spices, then the sauces. Pour in the tomato juice and vodka. 
  3. Add ice cubes and use a shaker tin to shake vigorously. 
  4. Rim glass with lemon wedges. Place celery salt onto a small plate and salt the rim.
  5. Fill the glass with ice cubes and strain the mixture into it. 
  6. Garnish with celery stalk and skewered olive, red bell pepper, gherkin and hot pepper then serve. 
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Recipe Variations

Tomato juice and vodka are mainstays in the Bloody Mary recipe. Replace the rest of the ingredients and experiment to get an upgraded Bloody! 

  • Virgin Mary - The non-alcoholic counterpart of Bloody Mary. 
  • Bloody Maria - A cross between Bloody Mary and tequila! 
  • Green Bloody Mary - A beautiful green twist on the original recipe. 

Know Your Ingredients!

Preparing this recipe can be intimidating so we've narrowed down the ingredients to make it easier! 

  • Tomato juice - Made from peak season tomatoes that can be used in sauces, chilis and soups. 
  • Vodka - Russian alcoholic spirit distilled from wheat, rye or potatoes. 
  • Lemon juice - Juice obtained from freshly squeezed lemon. 
  • Red bell pepper - Ripened peppers that are more nutritious than green bell peppers. 
  • Worcestershire sauce - Sauce made from garlic, soy and vinegar that is produced in Worcestershire, England. 
  • Hot sauce - Seasoning that adds extra spice into any dish. Also known as chili sauce. 
  • Celery salt - Seasoned salt made from ground celery seeds that is commonly used for rimming cocktail glasses. 
  • Cumin and Ground pepper - Spices that enhance the flavor of many dishes. 

Bar Accessories 

The utensils you'll be needing to make your own Bloody Mary aren't as much as its ingredients. Check it out! 

  • Muddler - A tool for muddling solid cocktail ingredients together. 
  • Shaker tin - Stainless steel shaker that can easily be used by both professionals and beginners. 
  • Strainer - Barware essential that takes the difficulty out of straining the cocktails. 
  • Highball Glass - A tall glass that's suited to hold cocktails especially when served with ice.

The History 

The stories around Bloody Mary are as interesting as they are questionable, but they are far too entertaining not to tell. One tale tells of an American bartender's creation in Paris, specifically Fernand Petiot from Harry's New York Bar. In the 1920s, Petiot mixed tomato juice and vodka, taking a friend's suggestion and calling it 'Bloody Mary'. When he moved to St. Regis Hotel, salt and pepper plus other spices were added and its name changed to Red Snapper, but it didn't click.  Another source narrates how a different patron claims the credit in creating this cocktail. George Jessel, a comedian, made the drink to get rid of his and his friends' hangover. Socialite Mary Brown Warburton came in and spilled the concoction onto her white dress, and told George to call her Bloody Mary. 

The Rise in Fame

Despite the apparent disturbed responses that Bloody Mary mix is receiving, the rise in its popularity is unwavering and thus the drink remains one of the top World's Best Cocktails list. Patrons from the US-specifically, in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Nebraska, South Dakota and Nevada-, Lebanon, New Zealand, Hungary, Romania are the people to thank for keeping the Bloody Mary on the menu.

The Perfect Pair

Bloody Mary is a morning drink. To have an awesome brunch with this cocktail, you need only consider the meals served during brunch, such as breakfast sandwiches, casseroles, French toast, bacon or even mac and cheese. Other dishes work well too, depending on the recipe. Bloody Maria goes perfectly with Mexican dishes like taquitos and chimichangas

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